Cooking preparation suggested tips

If you are planning to make a stew or a curry the day after this can be a really useful tip. especially when it comes to bigger carbs such as potatoes, pumpkin, marrow or squash. This is also very useful when it comes to lentils, beans, pulses and other legumes, as a lot of these ingredients need to be soaked overnight. If you have these pre-prepared it makes the cooking time a lot shorter.

What is Whole food Plant Based?

This is a food lifestyle that believes that food should be made at home.In this style of food it is discouraged to use food that is pre-made in an industrial style.We eat the whole plant food. This food does not contain any animal products or by products.Some of the recipes on this site might include … Read more

Homemade Mushroom and Rice Recipe

This is a homemade mushroom with rice dinner recipe, Which really easy to make. However it takes a some preparation. This is a no oil added oil recipe that uses water instead. Warning for Allergies: This recipe includes sesame, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, mushrooms, rice. I eat this probably about twice a week because it’s … Read more