What is Whole food Plant Based?

This is a food lifestyle that believes that food should be made at home.
In this style of food it is discouraged to use food that is pre-made in an industrial style.
We eat the whole plant food.

This food does not contain any animal products or by products.
Some of the recipes on this site might include oil as something to cook with however the majority will not include it and all recipes that include oil can be recreated without oil. It is all about personal preferences.

What is this website for?

This site will promote homemade, handmade food recipes and will use whole food ingredients.
I am often asked what is the difference between “plant-based eating” and “whole food plant-based eating”.

Not all of the writers for this site are whole food plant based no oil in their personal lives, some live in completely different food dietary lifestyles so if some recipes have substitutes in them that will be why. None of the Recipes on this website will contain any meat / dairy / fish or bi-products. Just to be clear on what this website is intended audience is.

The difference between
“Whole Food Plant Based” & “Plant Based”

Plant Based: tends to include products from companies that
are pre-made in a factory before purchase to the consumer. As well as whole
plant foods. However, allows for highly pre-processed foods such as store
brought ready meals.

Whole food Plant Based: is just the vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit, mushrooms, herbs and foods that can be grown from the soil of the earth. As close to the natural source as possible to do. This does not include pre-made foods such as ready meals or pre-made products that are plant based but often include a lot more ingredients than the base plants they come from.

We do not demonise anyone who chooses to eat either way, we are just a recipe website for Whole food plant-based eating and food recipes that do not contain pre-made factory ingredients.

Common Q&A Segment:

“So.. Why do you say no oil with some recipes?”: It’s honestly a personal choice which we support anyone to have. However, if you equate the same number of olives it takes to make a tablespoon of cooking oil it would easily be a starter meal for a lot of people.

We get our fats from plant sources such as whole olives or likewise plants.

“So what about vitamins?”: We do substitute some of our vitamins such as B12 and other vitamins, we always support speaking to medical authorities to anything anyone would choose to do with their personal eating habits.

“Yeh ok. what about Protein/Iron/Calcium?”: All of these can be found in plant foods; we will mention that it usually takes a real food lover to follow this lifestyle.

“umm. but where did you learn this from?”: here’s a list at the bottom of this article, of the sources where a lot of this information can be found. we are just a recipe website and we do not claim to be a medical authority. Please speak to your own medical sources before changing anything in your lifestyle.

“ok but you mention pasta in some recipes?”: We will include some store brought items such as pasta/ soy/ tofu/ nut milk or oil in some recipes because the modern world this is convenience but it is not the rule for the recipes on this site. This website promotes as close to the natural thing as reasonably possible.

“That sounds really low in calories?”: Well in short, it can be we are not nutritionists we are a recipes website, if you want information on what is right for you individually, we support you looking for the right lifestyle that suits you personally and suggest speaking to your own health care providers.

“So this is vegan/veganism?”: No. veganism isn’t a diet, veganism is the philosophical belief system to cause no harm to other sentient living beings. This is a recipe cooking website.

This website is “just” for food recipes.

Cluttersoul will always support freedom of choice within your living situation if you enjoy these recipes great, if they are not for you, we understand and respect that people have different food situations and lifestyles.

Website allergy warnings

Recipes on this website may contain:

  • Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Oats
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds
  • Wheat
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Grains
  • Gluten
  • Garlic
  • Legumes
  • Bananas
  • Soya
  • Carbohydrates
  • Mushrooms
  • Caffeine

    Please speak to your own health providers if you are unsure of anything posted on this website. We are not responsible for other people’s personal health needs and will not claim any liability by the use of any of the recipes listed on this website. Ingredients will be listed in full on the recipes it is your responsibility to know whether you should or should not consume anything.